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Chip Leader’s Mindset

Advanced poker players rely on their expectations. But they also torture them.

Normally you are completely satisfied when you win the tournament, but this happens rarely. This doesn’t mean you have to miss them and be constrained when you participate in them. Just try to be confident before you start playing.

Imagine that you are in the money in a big tournament. You are part of the last four tables and have pocket queens in your hands. You double your chips and become the chip leader on this stage. What do you feel? What do you expect?

The answer is “too much”.

But right now you shouldn’t expect to sit at the final table or to win a certain amount of money. Don’t start checking the lobby (if you play online) or the tournament monitor if you play live. Like this you waste time, and you are setting a trap for yourself.

In other words, if you are in a live tournament, analyze the poker situation you are in and accept that your reaction will affect your goal.

It looks like a lot of poker players would not argue that the right mindset is vital for your game. At the same time, they are not trying to fill their leaks.

But this affection to emotional habits is powerful.

And if you want to be calm and profitable, you have to do some changes.

Another trap is mixing the mindset with hypocrisy. There are players that would agree that telling stories about bad beats is pointless and even dummy. So stop doing this. And when someone start telling you one of these stories just say to her or him to go away. This tactic works excellently.

If you tell this to some poker players, probably they will just nod and continue in the same manner. It’s always the same. People know that they have to eat healthy food and drink less alcohol, but they don’t change their habits.

Actually, with poker is not that difficult to remove bad practices from your mind. And normally this is a pleasant experience. It is better than formulating “what if” ideas. It’s like someone owes you something. But that’s not true.

Next time when you are a chip leader, take a deep breath. Do it several times. Then focus on your hand. You have work to do. A lot of work to do.

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