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Paraguay vs Jamaica 16.06.2015


Paraguay vs. Jamaica / Copa America – The two national teams are objectively regarded as outsiders being in the same group with Argentina and Uruguay, however, results made in the first round don’t fully confirm such opinion. Paraguay pulled off a draw with Argentina, while Jamaica minimally lost to Uruguay. Winner of this match stays in the game to qualify for the next round and that is why this match attracts lot of attention. It is interesting that Paraguay is in a series of five matches without victory, as this team didn’t have much success when they played friendlies, while Jamaica had played six matches without defeat before the said loss in the first round, albeit against easier opponents. The two teams faced each other in a friendly in 2003 and then Jamaica won by 2-0. Begins: 16.06.2015 – 23:00 CET


Not so long ago Paraguay belonged to the very top of south American football when was regarded as one of toughest teams from this continent, against whom didn’t like to play even very strong European teams. Now, the Paraguayans are lot weaker, which was the reason why they didn’t show up at last year’s World Cup, but they have a special motive for the Copa America as they defend the second place. Looking at names of their footballers, especially those who play in the attack, the first though is that Paraguay is in fact very strong team, however, those are veteran players whose careers are near their natural end, which is the problem.

Anyway, that experience has brought Paraguay one point in the first round against great Argentina. They were trailing for two goals behind Argentina in that match but 30 minutes before the end N. Valdez reduced Argentina’s advantage, while reservist Burrios equalised in the last minute for final 2-2. Coach Diaz, who is by the way Argentinian, had bravely set up a formation with three forwards. Besides Valdez there were also Santa Cruz and Bobadilla, who had a great season in the Bundesliga. The Paraguayans will certainly not give up of formation with three forwards against weaker Jamica, and it is possible that Gonzales plays in the midfield instead of Ortiz.

Probable lineups Paraguay: A. Silva – M. Caceres, da Silva, Aguilar, Samudio – V. Caceres, Ortigoza, Gonzalez – Bobadilla, N. Valdez, Santa Cruz


Jamaica is something like Mexico, a guest at this year’s Copa America, but they can be more rightly called exotic guest who is there to fill the number as they are absolute outsiders and every won point would be a success for this team. They have never before played at the Copa America and they showed up at the World Cup just once, so all what they can do is to compete against neighbours from so called Caribbean countries against whom they have a fair amount of success. Before the Copa America they had long successful series, which gave them additional doze of self-confidence ahead the opening match of the group phase against Uruguay.

No one gave them a chance against the title defenders but Jamaica well fought back and was defeated by just 1-0, with a goal scored at the beginning of the second half. The team is short of stars but at least all the best players have showed up in Chile. It is important to say that their head coach in German Wini Schafer, who achieved fairly good results after he took the helm.

Probable lineups Jamaica: Kerr – Mariappa, W. Morgan, Hector, Lawrence – Austin, McCleary, Dawkins, McAnuff – Barnes, Mattocks

Paraguay – Jamaica PICK

The first round has showed that the two national teams are not such outsiders and because of that their head-to-head is even more interesting. Paraguay has seasoned team and is additionally encouraged by a point won against Argentina, while Jamaica can hardly repeat such good game, so we will give advantage to the Paraguayans.

Pick: Paraguay wins

Stake: 6/10

Odds: 1.67 at bet365 (down to 1.57 can be played)

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