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Saragossa vs Las Palmas 17.06.2015


Saragossa vs. Las Palmas / La Liga Segunda – Play-off for promotion to La Liga brings every year very exciting and uncertain matches where teams are usually of equal quality. It is the same this season, with plenty of uncertainty, and two decisive matches are yet to be played. Saragossa made a real sensation in previous round and passed further despite a high defeat at home, while Las Palmas found itself here thanks to two draws and a goal scored away. Analysing results made from the end of regular season onward it can be concluded that Las Palmas is in better shape, being in a long series without defeats and in total it won even 17 points more than Saragossa. In accordance with that Las Palmas won their both matches played in the regular season, 2-0 away and even 5-3 at home. Begins: 17.06.2015 – 20:00 CET


Saragossa is for now a true hit of the play-off. This team was already written-off after the first match against Girona when it lost at home by 3-0. They were completely outplayed in that match and no one gave them a chance in the second leg against a team that were quite good at home throughout the regular season. However, the picture on the pitch starkly differed from all predictions as Saragossa was determined from the first minute to annul the lag of three goals. They achieved that by the half-time when they equalised the 3-0 from the first leg. Forward Willian Jose was brilliant with two goals, while Pedro assisted two times.

Around the middle of the second half they scored another goal and then it was clear who will go further as the hosts had to score two. Girona managed to score just one and Saragossa is now just a step away from return to La Liga. Interestingly, coach Popovic didn’t change much the team after the heavy defeat at home and Bono replaced Whalley at the goal and Cabrera replaced Gonzales at the stopper position. Given how they played we don’t expect new changes in the team.

Probable lineups Saragossa: Bono – Fernandez, Cabrera, Vallejo, Alvarez, Rico – Dorca, de Galarreta – Pedro, Hadzic – Willian Jose

Las Palmas

Las Palmas was favourite against Valladolid because of excellent game demonstrated in the finish of the season and at the end they justified that epithet but it wasn’t easy and Las Palmas in fact never defeated their rival. The first leg, when they were visitors, ended by 1-1 but they definitely had to use better fact that Valladolid had two players less on the pitch near the end of the match. They were satisfied with the draw and expected that will easily verify the next round of the play-off at home, however, it didn’t happen exactly how they wanted. Las Palmas had again a player more in the finish of the match and near the end even two players and a penalty.

Their first scorer Araujo missed it, even making a fool of himself as his kick was defended by Valladolid’s stopper who replaced the goalkeeper who was sent off before, however, 0-0 was enough to pass further. Regarding the team who played that match, the only anomaly from standard was experienced Valeron who stayed on the bench and Hernan played in the midfield. We should expect now recovered Aleman from the first minute.

Probable lineups Las Palmas: Lizoain – Simon, Garcia, Artiles, Lopez – Castellano, Hernan – Aleman, Masa, Culio – Araujo

Saragossa – Las Palmas PICK

Looking at the complete season Las Palmas is a favourite to win the two-legged final, but no so much when the first leg alone is in question. However, it is evident that Saragossa doesn’t lack self-confidence after a great victory in Girona and now they are a very dangerous rival. That is the reason why we believe that this will not be expectedly hard match but one with lot of goals.

Pick: over 2 goals

Stake: 5/10

Odds: 1.82 at 10bet (down to 1.72 can be played)

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